Many patients have questions about their health in general and would also like to know  where they can learn more specific information about their medical problems.

With this in mind, was developed as a comprehensive resource for patients and their families to refer to.

In addition to compiling information about specific endocrinologic disorders and copies of the handouts that are frequently given to patients,  we have also included links to various resources on the web that we have found useful.



Patient Guides  Click here for information regarding specific endocrinologic disorders and handouts to print etc.    

Recommended Links Click here for links to websites and other online resources.

This site is for general informational purposes and education only.  It does not provide specific medical advice or referrals for individual patients and is not a substitute for appropriate consultation with physicians experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of endocrinologic disorders. It is not intended as advice for specific individual patients, therefore anyone concerned about their health and the possibility of endocrinologic disease should  consult their own physician.